January 18, 2017






  • make or become different. "a proposal to change the law”

  • take or use another instead of. "she decided to change her name"


When do you know it is time to make a change?  Whether is a change in your career, relationship status, a move, a healthier lifestyle… sometimes you just know that you need something new. 


But before you jump into the deep end with your eyes closed, let’s analyze what the change means.  What would you like to change? Is something missing in your life? Is there a bigger problem you are trying to mask? Have you lost your purpose? Be honest with yourself and explore what it is you are looking for in life.


Ask yourself two questions: 

1. What will you gain if you make this change?

2. What will you lose if you don’t go for it? 


Shortly after having my kids (3 under 3, if you can believe it!), I began to realize that my time to change things up had come. I was working full time in a very demanding career on Wall Street, and I knew something had to give. In order to make that hard choice, I needed to understand what was missing in my life and what I would lose out on if the change didn’t happen. 


After doing some careful thinking, I realized that I was losing time with my children that I would never get back. By leaving my job, I would gain tender moments and experiences with them that I might miss if I stayed in my current position. The time at home would allow me to be more focused and present without the demands of my career. 


This decision meant that I would lose my place in the corporate world, one that I worked so hard for and may never get back. Still, I knew that the life that I was living was not satisfying to me. I knew that the milestones in my career did not measure to all the milestones I was missing out on at home. Most importantly, I knew that if I didn’t make a change, I would likely regret it after it was too late. I was not willing to take the gamble - so I made the leap and left my job to stay home with my children. It added a major financial strain to our family that took a lot of careful planning and adjustments, but somehow, we made it work. 


It wasn't an easy transition, and it's not the choice for everyone. That's the beauty of this life - the right choice for me may look a little different for you, and that is absolutely okay. Sometimes all we need to do is give ourselves time to sit still and listen to the little voice inside of us that knows what to do. Listen to it! I encourage you to take a look at the two questions above and find out what works best for you - not your neighbor, your friend, or your sister. When you decide you're ready to make a change, and you're able to honestly answer those questions for yourself, you'll have a clear focus laid out for you. All that's left for you to do is close your eyes - and jump. 






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