How Well Do You Take Care of Yourself?

February 22, 2017


Self-care, as we've discussed in recent weeks, is totally crucial when it comes to developing a wellness routine. Whether you're looking to start taking care of yourself, or you're practicing regularly, mixing it up from time to time can be nice. Not only does this allow you to try new things, but it helps you prevent your self-care routine from becoming boring or mundane. Obviously, that is the opposite of the effect we're going for! A self-care routine should be rejuvenating, relaxing, or inspiring. If you're feeling this practice becoming a chore, that's a great sign that you need to switch something things up! 


If you're looking for new ideas, I've got your back! Below you'll find a list of activities that you can incorporate into your routine. Try keeping it fresh and doing one of these activities a day, or incorporate a couple into a daily routine. 


Self-Care Checklist 

  • Read a book

  • Work in the garden

  • Eat healthy, whole foods

  • Get enough sleep

  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

  • Go for regular check ups

  • Practice good hygiene

  • Go out with friends

  • Do something you enjoy every day

  • Take a bath with candles and essential oils 

  • Get a massage or foot reflexology 

  • Take a yoga class

  • Meditate

  • Exercise

  • Make Art

  • Stretch

  • Stay hydrated

  • Make yourself a meal you love

  • Say "No" to something that overwhelms you

  • Set goals

  • Journal or write 

  • Take yourself out for coffee

  • Unplug and spend some time away from your devices 

  • Spend time outside 

  • Take a class by yourself 

  • Go on a walk in the sunshine 


Make an effort to add some of these to your daily routine and you will see an improvement in your mental and emotional health in no time! Each of the activities can help to promote wellness and balance in your life, helping you to be happier and more relaxed. If you do give these a try, take a photo and make sure to tag #IBLtribe when you share it for a chance to be featured on our social feed! 



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