Happy Mother's Day!

May 14, 2017



Motherhood… I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it’s 100% true, motherhood is the most amazing journey a woman can take.  It’s also the most rewarding, stressful, selfless, gratifying, demanding, delightful, difficult, satisfying… I can go on and on but you get the point. It all starts the minute you learn that a little baby is growing inside you.  The excitement and nerves begin.  The minute we know that a little human will now depend on us, our lives change forever.  Once your baby is born, you know that they will depend on you for food, shelter, love, warmth and most of all comfort.  You now have the largest responsibility in the world, you need to care for your little human and protect them from harm.  As a mom, it is our instinct to take care of our youngsters and protect them.  We want to be perfect, we don’t want to make any mistakes and we put so much pressure on ourselves to get it right all the time.   The thing that no one told us is that once you are a mother, you will never stop thinking about your child and praying that they are safe and happy, and you worry about the possibility of getting it wrong. 



Suddenly you become overwhelmed with doubt and emotion... What if I can’t breastfeed? Are they getting the right amount of tummy time? Are we reading enough to them?  Are they eating enough?  Are they eating too much? Should we co-sleep or should the baby cry it out and sleep on their own? The doubt never ends, and as they get older the worry continues…

Do they have good friends?  Are they getting good grades?  Will they get into a good college? Are they on their phones too much? Are they playing enough sports? Are they involved in too many sports? Should they play an instrument?  Take on Martial Arts?  Learn a new language? Do they have a good social life? Are there any bullies in their class? We try to protect them so much that we sometimes interfere too much in their lives.     


But the reality is that as long as you are present in your child's life and you love them unconditionally, they will be just fine.   You can’t keep them in a bubble.  You can't possibly protect them for what life has in store for them, but you can teach them how to handle life.  You can teach them right from wrong, you can teach them to be kind and humble and you can support their decisions so that they can go grow to be amazing adults.  So don’t be perfect… let them play with (and even eat) dirt, let them make messes, let them eat the sugary snacks once in a while, let them BE KIDS! Teach them the important values and love them unconditionally! Also, let them stumble, let them make mistakes, let them work things out with their friends, so that one day they appreciate the good and not just take it for granted.  


So enjoy the messes, the ups and the downs..and in the process, you will enjoy the journey and appreciate the beauties of motherhood just that much more.


Happy Mother’s Day!








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